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Layfil - Paddings for ironers, accessories and spare parts for industrial laundry

Layfil, S.L. is a sector-leading company specialising in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of accessories and spare parts for laundries in industry, hospitals, hotels, residential homes and other types of organisation related to this sector.

Our mission is to optimise the work that is done in laundries and maximise the performance of our customers’ machinery for ironing, folding, wrapping and other uses.

We place a diverse team of professionals at your service to advise you on the right products to get the best out of your ironer, with maximum performance at minimum cost.

As part of our service, we have our own production plant, staffed by a team of high quality professionals, which is always available to help with customer needs. The plant focusses mainly on the design and manufacture of bags and covers for trolleys.

Personalised solutions adapted to the needs of each customer or project


To apply our knowledge and training to the design, manufacture and sale of products that make our customers’ work easier.

To listen to our customers so that we can constantly improve our products and working methods in our mission to achieve professional excellence.

To ensure that our products lead the field in the markets where we are active.

A commitment to total quality in our products and to strictly ethical business values.

To ensure that our customers are totally satisfied and have complete confidence in our brand.


Layfil has been providing great service to industrial laundries in Spain since 1993.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts put in by team of professionals and our strategy of linking up with the best product manufacturers in each sector to obtain exclusive distribution rights, we rapidly spread across the Iberian Peninsula. Before long, we had to extend our distribution network across the Spanish mainland and into the islands to ensure that we could offer our customers fast solutions while still ensuring maximum quality.

As part of our development, in 2002 we set up LAYFIL, S.L., based in Tenerife (La Laguna), with a 150m2 warehouse which allowed us to get to closer to our customers to ensure that all their requirements were met.

Today, we are proud to say that we have fully consolidated our business activity with firm foundations across Spain thanks to the confidence placed in us by our customers.


Even in our early days, we were taking our products and expert knowledge on how to use them to industrial laundries in South America.

We are driven by a desire to grow provide fast, localised service to industrial laundries. In 2003, this led us to set up Layfil Mexico de CV in Cancun, Quintana Roo (Mexico), with a 550m2 warehouse from which we have gradually consolidated our position to cover the needs of the biggest hotels and laundry companies in the region. To achieve this, we have a team of professionals who have received specialist training in our products so that they can offer top quality advice and attention to meet all the needs of our customers.

Our drive for expansion continued in 2010 with the creation of Layfil Brazil based in Sao Paulo. Here, our products are sold from a 300m2 warehouse offering professional consultation with our highly trained staff to ensure that all of our customers’ requirements are satisfied.